Attend a Career Fair


The School of Public Health will host a fall and spring career fair that will engage all majors of the school. Additionally, we will host a campus-wide  summer camp jobs fair. Career fairs are an excellent way to gain broad exposure to a wide array of students while enhancing your campus presence. Fairs provide opportunities to meet with seniors and graduate students seeking full-time opportunities as well as freshman, sophomores, and juniors looking for internships.

School of Public Health Career Fair Schedule for 2019-2020

SPH Fall Career Fair
Tues, Oct 1, 2019
4 – 7 pm
Indiana Memorial Union Alumni Hall

SPH Spring Career Fair
Wed Jan 29, 2020
4 – 7 pm
Indiana Memorial Union Alumni Hall

IU Summer Camp Jobs Fair
Tues, Feb 11, 2020
12 – 3 pm
Indiana Memorial Union Alumni Hall

Registration for the fairs will be open in June.

Have questions? Please contact Trudy McConnell.