Ideas Worth Spreading – By Shannen Keene

By IUSPH Career Services on February 22, 2016

Lately, I have been trying to find better ways to be productive with my time. In my mind, productivity is synonymous with listening to TED Talks. I have grown quite fond of listening to Ted Radio Hour on NPR as well. A college student might ask, “Why would I listen to TED Talks when I could be listening to music?!” The speakers, their stories, and their wisdom. These individuals are transforming their experiences into lessons that can help us pave the way in our own lives. Especially in such a vulnerable state (aka being a senior), it is easy to get discouraged when challenges arise; however, a little dose of TED can hopefully throw you right back in the groove.


Art of the Small- Beth Meyerson

Dr. Beth Meyerson’s talk truly reminded me why I am pursuing a career in public health.Small actions are vital in trying to combat complex health issues like HIV. The beauty of her talk is that it’s not restricted to public health. Pick any career and apply her advice: small movement can lead to big change. A desired outcome does not magically happen overnight: tackle what you can on an individual level then gain momentum. She also notes, “Remove biases to see the connection.” This is perfect advice for everyday life. Switch from a subjective lens to an objective lens. Did I mention she’s a graduate professor here at the School of Public Health?! Talk about a celebrity.

How to find and do work you love- Scott Dinsmore

If you ever doubt the direction you’re headed, this talk is for you. First, Scott vents about the worst advice he’s ever been given: take jobs to build up your resume. Don’t do that actually. After all, he says that 80% of individuals don’t enjoy their work. Scott then asks the powerful question, “Why are you doing the work that you’re doing?” For some, answering this may be a breeze… but for others, anxiety galore. If you are in a position for trivial reasons, self-reflection time! He stresses taking time to understand yourself- your passions, motivations, strengths, etc. One of my favorite lines from his talk was: “Surround yourself with passionate people.” Your environment is crucial in every aspect. Ultimately, you are in control of building your ladder to the right building.


Shannen Keene is a senior from Ellettsville, IN pursuing a degree in Community Health. Bloomington has taught her the value of diversity, culture, and good food. After graduation, she hopes to venture out West to serve for AmeriCorps then apply to an MPH program.

By Kim Ecenbarger
Kim Ecenbarger SPH Senior Associate Director Kim Ecenbarger