7 Ways to Maximizing Networking Events

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Cleveland, OH – You want to get your foot in the door into the sports industry.
You see there is a TeamWork Online Teammate networking event coming and you sign up for it.
You pay for the ticket. Now what? Wait?



1. Print and bring with you plenty of personal networking cards.  It’s like a business card, but it has your personal email and cell phone number. You want to be able to hand out a card with your personal contact information, picture and don’t forget your TeamWork headline – this is what can you offer.  What is your best success that you can do again for the next employer?
2. Practice introducing yourself with your name and that best business success (above).  You will do this at our events. It should be the same as what you wrote on your personal/business card. When networking, ask the person to whom you are talking his or her best success too.
3. Get to know other networkers as much as employers.  Often there are other sports executives at the networking event not listed on the panel. Seek them out. And you never know whether another networker has heard about a job that might be right for you.  Be positive and cheerful.
4. Follow up with what you remember in your conversation.  Remember something unique about a person you are meeting and refer to that uniqueness in a follow-up email. Build your network of friends. Remember something wonderful about that person you met and send them an email after the event. Try seeking them out for coffee.
5. Keep about 5 – 10 of those contacts in your contacts list.  Follow up with them bi-weekly if you need a job quickly or quarterly if you are building relationships. Don’t let this opportunity slip away to build your bench of contacts and references. Keep in touch regularly with updates on what you are doing.
6. Follow up the networking with a phone call. See if you can get more time with someone. Odd to say, but be persistent; ask if you can to speak with someone for 5 minutes on the phone or in person.
7. Get Referrals.   If you have made a positive impression on someone use that to get referred to someone else. People from a league know others at another team in the league. If you are applying for jobs outside your market ask those you met at one team to refer you to someone at another team.

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By Buffy Filippell
Buffy Filippell Founder