Blogger of the Month: Ally Hunt


Ally in San Gimignano, and Italian hill town outside of Florence.

Name: Ally Hunt

Year: Senior

Hometown: Zionsville, IN

Career Goal: Ultimately, I would love to be an Epidemiologist doing research that would help various populations with different health disparities that affect our world today. I have always yearned to find something that would fulfill my aspirations in life, bring compassion to those in need, and bring awareness to problems in our world today. It wasn’t until I started my public health studies my freshman year that I found my dream was in the foundations of public health. Having a major in Community Health allows me to study all different aspects of public health including program planning, overall wellness, and global health.


The Duomo in the heart of Florence

Fun Fact: I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to study abroad in Florence, Italy this past spring semester. Not only was I able to experience another culture, I met some amazing people along my journey. Studying abroad has made me a more confident individual and if you have the resources, I believe everyone should take advantage of studying abroad.

It’s crazy that I am a senior this year at IU.  I have been lucky enough to take part in various things that the IU community has to offer like CHAARG and Timmy Global Health. Being a part of these clubs have just fueled my passion for health more and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am so excited to share my experience, goals, and dreams throughout my last year of undergrad!



Just a girl trying to get through her senior year, one cup of coffee at a time.

By Rachel Brown
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