Use Your Alumni Network to Help You Get Hired – IU Alum Theo Hodges

theo-hodgesUse Your Alumni Network to Help You Get Hired


Bloomington, IN — Theo Hodges, ’01 graduate of Indiana University, flew in from Seattle, Washington where he heads ticket sales for the Seattle Sounders, to help students of his alma mater get into the sports industry. Theo joined Bill Rennie ’79 with the USTA, Sam Coghill ’02 with the Miami Dolphins and TeamWork’s founder, Buffy Filippell ’76 at the Sports Business and Media Career Day.

Theo, originally from St. Louis, started his career outside of sport before applying online for a ticket sales position with the Los Angeles Clippers. That led to a managerial role with his hometown team, the St. Louis Cardinals, and then another management step up with the Kansas City Royals. Throughout his career, Theo has been hiring and helping young sport admirers like himself.

His advice is to network with your alumni, stay positive, ask questions and follow up.



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