A Fall Recap: Will U Be Ready?

This fall the Office of Career Services launched a new type of workshop for students—the Will U Be Ready series. The series is targeted towards seven different competencies that employers have identified as important skills students need to be Career Ready. Each session in the series focuses on one of the seven competencies and the different skills involved in demonstrating it. In a quick hour and a half, you can practice and gain experience with the skills that will make you Career Ready. To accompany the series, here on the blog we featured two posts related to the competency of the month. In case you missed the series or the articles over the last few months, here’s a quick recap.

The first session this fall was Will U Be Ready: Communication in the Workplace. Attendees learned specific tactics for being an effective communicator and how to evaluate their communication skills. Skilled employees need to know how to articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly in both written and oral form and how to speak in public. To further the conversation, on the blog Tapati shared her experiences with long-distance communication and the necessary planning that must go into it. Gina shared her thoughts on the four vital elements of communication, including some important nonverbal elements of communication.

The second session of the series, Will U Be Ready: Tomorrow’s Leader, helped students assess their unique leadership style and strengths and learn how to convey their leadership qualities confidently. Tips were also given on how to navigate tricky workplace scenarios. In the workplace, it is important to know how to leverage the strengths of others to achieve common goals, how to prioritize and delegate work, and to have the interpersonal skills to guide and motivate those you are leading. Our bloggers added their two cents—we learned about participatory leadership and the importance of listening to those you are guiding from Tapati, and the keys to leadership through the strategies of two basketball coaches from Dustin.

Look out for more Will U Be Ready sessions next year. Check the Office of Career Services calendar for new events, career fairs and more.

By Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown