Blogger of the Month: Georgina Nicholos

NAME: Georgina Nicholos, often goes by Gina
YEAR: Junior
HOMETOWN: Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ for about ½ and moved to South Bend, IN for the other ½

Desert sunset – AZ holds a special place in my heart

Career goal motivation

CAREER GOALS: Currently majoring in Human Development and Family Studies and minoring in Criminal Justice. The ultimate goal for me is to become a Marriage and Family therapist and Divorce attorney. While practicing therapy and law, I plan to work on other issues such as racism and inequality, both of which I am very passionate about! Since I was young, I have always felt the need to seek out issues in relationships, whether those problems occurred in my family, with friends, or with strangers. I enjoy discussing problems and helping individuals find their personal, ideal solutions. Divorce, along with inequality, are major problems in today’s world and I feel that society needs more people who care enough to help individuals solve their issues instead of ignoring them. More so, marriage and families often struggle due to societal standards and today’s divorce rate is higher than expected. I would like to take part in helping as many people as possible!

Winning 1st place at regionals before we went to State

FUN FACT: At age 7, I took my first dance lesson and had been dancing ever since. Throughout elementary and middle school, I took several dance classes. In high school, I joined the Dance Team and taught ballet and hip-hop to kids age 5-12. I was eventually voted Captain in both my junior and senior years. Unfortunately, junior year I tore my hamstring from my pelvis and was on crutches for six months. However, in my senior year, I worked harder than ever, persevered, and led my team to the State finals, later to have my team and I become Indiana State Champions!

For my freshman year, I attended Central Michigan University and then, I decided Indiana University was the place I would rather be. I transferred the following fall and have been at IU ever since. I am currently involved in programs like Tau Sigma NHS, RAISE, Coffee & Barista Club, and the Feminist Student Association and have never been happier. Next year I will be graduating and going on to complete my Masters and then hopefully Law School! I am excited to see what the next few years have to offer and until then will remain grateful and optimistic as ever!



Georgina, aka Gina, is currently a junior at IU, majoring in family studies and sociology. Raised in Phoenix, AZ and South Bend, IN, she couldn’t be happier to be at IUB! Her passions include dance, working out, cooking, and spending time with friends, bf,  family, and her cats Shadow and Mocha. She plans to become a Marriage & Family therapist while working with issues like racism and inequality. Fun fact: she can’t start her day without a nice cup of coffee…or three, but who’s counting? 


By Georgina Nicholos
Georgina Nicholos