Tonight: Eli Lilly Day @ IU

Interested in a career in the pharmaceutical industry? Eli Lilly, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, is located right here in Indianapolis, IN. Eli Lilly is a Fortune 500 company that employs about 11,500 people in the Indianapolis area and nearly 30,500 more around the world. Tonight, representatives from Eli Lilly are visiting IU to give students insight into the multiple business functions of the company.

Here are the details:
6-6:15pm: Welcome
6:15-6:45: Keynote
6:45-7:30pm: Business Area Breakouts
7:30-8pm: Reception & Networking
Where: Franklin Hall Commons
Notes: Food and drinks provided. Business attire is strongly encouraged.

Wondering if getting dressed up and walking to Franklin Hall is worth your time tonight? It certainly can be, if you take advantage of it and go in with an open mind. I will preface this by saying tonight is not a night to lock down an internship–please know that in advance. It is a night to learn about a company you could potentially work for, and it is also a night to network with individuals who could help you get your foot in the door.

So, some advice. We’ve written time and again about how important networking is. Tonight is an opportunity to network and learn. See up there in the schedule where it says breakouts and networking? Those parts of the night are your opportunities to connect with Eli Lilly employees and learn where you might fit in the company. Just before the breakouts, you will hear employees talk about their experiences with the company. Listen closely to the different opportunities–you may be surprised to find out about what kinds of jobs there are–and then follow the employee you want to speak to further to their breakout session.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the night. This is a great opportunity to talk directly with employees and ask more specific questions than you’d probably be able to at a large career fair. In your conversations, ask about work-life balance, the company culture, professional development, and advancement opportunities. Also, ask about their recruiting cycle and what types of internships and entry-level jobs may come open. Hearing directly from an employee can be very helpful, as opposed to helplessly searching online. They may even have unsolicited advice for you if you simply strike up a friendly conversation.

There is not a lot of preparation necessary for this event since it is basically just an informational session. You should still make an effort to dress professionally and tune up your resume. Keep in mind students from all over campus, all majors, and all ages will be attending this event. Try to think about your particular skill set and what you would uniquely bring to the company to help set yourself apart from the other attendees.

Consider these tips and head over to Franklin Hall at 6pm tonight! Good luck!

By Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown