Straight from the Bloggers: What We’ve Learned!

Another year, another spring of recognition, regalia, and reflection. To close a year where we welcomed four new bloggers to the staff, we thought we’d share our thoughts on what it has meant to write to you and how it has changed us as students, writers, and professionals.


“After years and years of academic preparation, internships, and cover letter writing, I knew this year I’d be closing in on getting my first “real job”. I valued the opportunity to connect with students, alumni, and the staff of the Office of Career Services through the year in my writing assignments, and share my journey with the readers of this blog. Besides that, writing for the blog has provided me a fun outlet to keep writing and editing like I did in undergrad while pursing my English degree. It has been a joy to have an outlet for my writing, and to collaborate with my co-editor, Trishnee. We both began as bloggers in our first years at IU last year, and it has been an absolute pleasure to get to know her, and other students I may not have otherwise gotten to work with, through this experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to have both learned from and represented the Office of Career Services here at IU.” – Rachel Brown


“To be a contributor at IU School of Public Health’s Office of the Career Services’ blogspace has been both, a process of enhancing self while also connecting with the broader world through my writing pieces. Mostly an introvert by choice, the iterative approach of the team here, at the Office of Career Services has undoubtedly helped me to interact more cohesively with colleagues peers. It has also facilitated me to step up from my comfort zone of writing only technical and research stuff and attempt penning down on aspects related to pathways for professional invigoration. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed expressing my lived experiences and learnings by writing in this blog, it is heartening that few of my students have inherited this trait and started journal writing for catharsis and enhancing their creative quotient. I look forward to contribute through this space and connect in my small way, with the biiig world of professional hopes, opportunities and acumen. Warm regards, Tapati.” – Tapati Dutta


“Writing for the Career Services in SPH has been an amazing experience and I hope I continue being able to write for them! I was able to meet several awesome people and write articles that are both helpful and beneficial to my peers. I think some people consider career-related blogs boring but by being able to add my extra “flavor” to the topics at hand have helped me learn more as well as influence others to do the same. Although I am sad that I will be taking a break from writing blogs, I am happy for what this summer has stored for me in terms of career-related opportunities and growing my personal networks, getting ready to graduate next year!” – Gina Nicholos



“Through my experience as a blogger for the School of Public Health, I have learned a lot and drastically improved my writing skills. Writing an article on a monthly basis on a variety of different topics has forced me to uses different writing techniques and really to become a more complete and versatile writer. This summer, I will be interning for a baseball analytics firm in Bloomington, MN. This internship, while I will be far away from home, is essential for me in terms of setting up the rest of my career path. I can’t wait for this summer but I know I’ll be even more excited to get back to Bloomington in the fall.” – Dustin Sleet



“I have had a fantastic experience writing for the School of Public Health throughout the past school year.  It has been a pleasure being able to share my thoughts and ideas with my peers as well as helping them by allowing them learn from my own experiences.  It was an honor to be able to connect with great professionals and interview them to share their knowledge with my peers.  I have learned a lot throughout the year and have grown as a communicator.  I am better than ever at sharing my thoughts and explaining myself to others.  Being part of the blog team has a great deal to do with my improvement as a communicator and it has given me confidence to continue my growth in communications.  It has been wonderful working with my fellow bloggers and I have enjoyed being able to share my ideas with them.  I am grateful for the opportunity given to me and look forward to continue growing as a writer.” – Neil Patel


“Bittersweet. That has been my go to word these past few weeks of school. As I walk around campus, I am reminded of so many amazing experiences and memories I have from my time at IU. One of the experiences that I have cherished during my time here is being a blogger for School of Public Health Career Services. I have loved collaborating with various students and staff and being able to meet so many individuals that make our campus so diverse. Being a blogger has allowed me to channel my more creative side and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I am so excited to say that I will be attending Boston University for my MPH this fall. I cannot wait to experience life in Boston and to be a member of the public health community out east! I couldn’t be more grateful for my time here at IU that brought me to where I am today. – Ally Hunt



“We finally made it to the end of this semester! As always, the Office of Career Services in the School of Public Health (SPH) has been instrumental in not only my professional journey but in so many other students’. It is almost two years now since I have been working for the Office of Career Services in SPH where I found inspiring mentors and good friends. I also had the opportunity to work with an amazing colleague, Rachel Brown. As co-editors, we managed the blog in a productive manner while guiding our team of bloggers. I will miss her insightful ideas as she embarks on her next journey after graduating in May. In retrospective, the Office of Career Services organized many Career Expos, Special Events, and Information Sessions in both fall and spring. Providing support and structure to SPH students’ career goals is a mission which our office strongly believes in and we intend to continue doing so.

Watch out for our space – we’ll be back with amazing events soon to share with all of you! Until then, have a wonderful end of semester and congrats to all those graduating this May! GO HOOSIERS!!!” – Trishnee Bhurosy

By Trishnee Bhurosy
Trishnee Bhurosy Student Ambassador - Blog Editor