Student Spotlight: Jordann Cress

Jordann Cress

What is your education to this point? (As in degrees, majors, minors)
Bachelors of Arts in Biology (2015)

Minor in Spanish

Minor in Public Health

Master’s in Public Health (2017)


What was your position with IU health and how did it affect your career path?

I work as a Emergency Department Technician at IU Health Bloomington Hospital. This has by far been my most rewarding experience influencing my career path here in Bloomington! No amount of coursework and didactic material can replace the hands on experience of an emergency department.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years and what is your dream position?

In 10 years I hope to be working as a Physician Assistant in an Emergency Department of a high acuity trauma center. I would also love the opportunity to use my MPH background to advocate for PA rights on the legislative level and to possibly teach in the clinical setting.

How has IU prepared you to be successful as you head into PA school?

IU has fantastic career and professional services that greatly helped me in my application process. Not only did they provide tangible help via editing my resume and personal statement, but they boosted my confidence and interview skills through mock interviews and questionnaires. Lastly, IU has helped me develop maturity and a level of cultural competence that I will forever be grateful for.

What influenced you to participate in the HIV/Aids video contest? Talk a little bit about the experience winning the contest.

Videography and media is actually a hobby of mine. I enjoy filming weddings for friends, vlogging, and working on creative projects as an outlet. The HIV/AIDS contest was the perfect opportunity for me to utilize my hobby for a cause near and dear to the School of Public Health’s heart. I am also lucky that I have a great set of peers and friends who were eager to be a part of my video!

Any advice for current students who want to work as a PA or in the health industry in general?

Don’t be afraid to take the dreaded gap year! Get your ducks in a row, and take the time to really engage in the issues and fields you are passionate about. Not only will this make you a stronger candidate during applications, but it will make you a better health care provider in the long run. Really, your parents are lying, taking time off is NOT the end of the world! 🙂

Dustin is a sophomore undergraduate student who is majoring in Sport Marketing and Management as well as Economics and aspires to work in baseball operations. You will most likely find him watching a sporting event.

By Dustin Sleet
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