My First Week as an Intern

Hello, Hoosiers! Hope you are enjoying your summer so far! My name is Michaela. I worked in the SPH Office of Career Services last school year and graduated from Indiana University this May! I secured an internship at French Lick Resort for the summer. I’ll be posting every now and then about my experiences at my summer internship!

The French Lick Resort is composed of two beautiful, historic hotels: the West Baden Springs Hotel and the French Lick Springs Hotel. I did not need the internship for academic credit like some of my peers, but I am looking forward to this great learning opportunity! I am originally from southwest Indiana, not too far from French Lick. There are interns here from all over Indiana and the United States! French Lick will also host international interns, although they are not here just yet. It has been fun to inform the other interns about what our area of the state has to offer! I have memories of the resort from growing up, but I have learned so much about the resort and its history this past week. The hotels are on the national register of historic landmarks!

Many of the interns are studying hospitality and tourism management, but not all. Hospitality was not my area of study in college, but rather dietetics/nutrition. I’m, however, enjoying learning about the industry and how I can apply some of its principles to my own field of study. I am an intern in the activities department of the resort, which covers fitness programming, children’s activities, and group events. In my first week, I have made efforts to be prepared as an intern. The resort is just getting into “peak season,” but I have been trying to study and read up on our upcoming summer events schedules. Being prepared helps you succeed in your role and stand out as an intern. Don’t just sit back and get your 40 hours in—use this time to learn about your company and gain perspective in the work they do. I would also encourage summer interns to use this opportunity to explore! This is a great time to learn about areas you are interested in. Maybe ask someone in another department if you could meet with them for just 15 minutes of their day to learn what their area is all about. Capitalize on this opportunity!

Wherever your summer plans have taken you, whether an internship, job, or summer classes, prepare yourself for the work, use this opportunity to learn, and enjoy it a little bit!

By Michaela Stemle
Michaela Stemle