Interns: Focus!

I am sure you’re settled in as an intern at this point in the summer. However, don’t forget your goals and the purpose of your internship! I challenge you to pause and reflect on your experiences thus far, and determine new challenges and experiences you’d still like to have before completing your internship.

Here are some important tips to consider as you conclude your summer internship:


  1. Push Yourself
    You’ve probably got the hang of your intern duties by now. Explore a new challenge or consider a way to go above and beyond in your current duties, maybe more so than you already are!
  2. Stay Committed
    You’ve been putting in the hours and might have experienced some jealousy of your friends who spend their days lounging by the pool. Try to remember why you’re doing your internship! It will pay off, I assure you. You’re working on your resume and building valuable skills and relationships that will only help with your future! You got this!
  3. Network
    Get to know someone new at your work. Introduce yourself to someone you pass in the halls whose name you can never remember. Maybe there are even other interns you don’t know yet! Connect with them! French Lick Resort has about 40 interns, and we were just joined by international summer workers! Not living in the dorms like most of the interns has made networking a little challenging for me, but I try to at least say hi to those I come across in the workday!
  4. Request Feedback
    You’re in the homestretch of your summer internship. Congratulations! I challenge you at this point to seek feedback and find ways to improve. You want to do your best, right? Finding ways to improve can help you can conclude your summer internship in a positive way.

The summer is quickly coming to a close. Enjoy the rest of your internship, and take these tips to help you make the most of the remainder of it! As always, the IU School of Public Health Career Services staff is here to help you with any career planning or internship questions you may have! If you’re in Bloomington, consider making an appointment to meet in the office. If not, remote appointments are available as well! Visit to talk to the career coaches!

By Michaela Stemle
IU SPH Dietetics Alum
French Lick Resort Intern

By Jolynne Judge
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