Director, Colorado Sky Sox on Why Minor League Sports Are Fun

Colorado Springs, CO — Want to have your hands in a lot of the “fun stuff?” Online hire and employer, Ben Taylor, says minor league sports allows him to develop multiple skills. When looking to hire, he’s looking for multi-skilled individuals.

No two days are alike. Ben jumped into sports as a broadcaster in college and wrote for “Bleacher Report.” The San Jose Giants, the San Francisco Giants Single-A affiliate, grabbed Ben and asked him to serve in both a marketing and media role with the team. After 3 years, Ben moved to another minor league baseball team, the Colorado Sky Sox, and manages all promotions: game night, social media, announcers, sponsorships, website, and giveaways. So, look to minor league sports, says Ben, if you like to get your hands into a lot of varying activities.

Hear what Ben has to say. 

By Kim Ecenbarger
Kim Ecenbarger SPH Senior Associate Director Kim Ecenbarger