New Year’s Resolutions – Straight from the Team of Bloggers!

It is already 2018! And with a New Year comes New Year’s resolutions! We asked our team about their resolutions – read on to find out more!

Mackenzie Jones


“What is 2018 if not a year for community engagement. As a “professional student” most of my learning experiences have been in the classroom, assessing hypothetical communities and developing my idea of the “perfect” health program that will forever remain on my computer.  But real life is messy and public health requires community involvement. Therefore my 2018 resolution is to participate in the outreach and assessment portion of a Bloomington or IU health program.” – Mackenzie Jones



Gina Nicholos


“I will be graduating this upcoming May and I plan to go to law school. My New Year’s resolutions would definitely have to be finishing strong before graduation, getting a good score on my LSAT, and getting accepted into the law schools of my choice!” – Gina Nicholos




Nik Roseau

“I never really believed in New Year’s resolutions because I think most people are not disciplined enough to actually stick to them, but for 2018 I’m willing to give it a shot. Between classes, work and completing class assignments, I barely have time to visit my professors’ office hours.  So my first resolution is this year, I would like to cut out time to do that even if I only do it once.

My second resolution has more to do with my personal life. When classes get challenging and assignments are piling up, we as college students oftentimes forget about our health. I want to always be aware of how I treat myself. I started this last year and noticed a huge difference in my day-to-day life so I want to continue this in 2018. Eating healthier, getting enough sleep and exercising at least three times a week really impacted my routine in a positive way. Also remember that self-care is not always physical! Take care of the mental/emotional side as well.” – Nik Roseau




Trishnee Bhurosy


“My goals, this year, are mostly research-based. I plan to propose my dissertation thesis by the end of January, work on my research papers and network across organizations. I also intend to carve out more time in my schedule for my Little Sister and make sure this will be an exciting and productive journey for both of us.” – Trishnee Bhurosy




Alyssa Steinman


“For the upcoming year, I want to accomplish securing at least one internship. I also hope to narrow down my career fields of interest to me and start to research companies I want to work for. I want to keep expanding my learning here and abroad.” – Alyssa Steinman





Matt Howard



“Improving my network via LinkedIn and to start looking for jobs for the upcoming summer.” – Matt Howard





Shaylyn Harmon



“In the coming year, I resolve to land an internship for the summer that will push my career forward. I want to network more actively. Academically, I want to maintain my current GPA while still enjoying my final semester at IU.” – Shay Harmon




Megan Lisch



“In 2018, I hope to prepare well for and take the GRE, and also solidify a list of graduate schools I would like to apply to in the fall. I would also like to have another internship for the summer to gain more experience in the field of public health administration. These academic and career-centered experiences should prepare me well for the final year of my undergraduate career!” – Megan Lisch



Tapati Dutta



“With time, I will develop a better clarity on my academic timelines and professional goals. Also, I will apportion time every week for my dissertation writing as well as painting.” – Tapati Dutta



Derek Hermann


“My New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to read at least one article/book of my choosing each month, outside of required readings for class.  In graduate school, students are always reading required textbooks and articles, which can eliminate the desire to read for personal enrichment.  I am hoping this resolution will allow me to explore other topics in which I have a personal interest, while also rounding out my education and giving me another tool for stress relief.” – Derek Hermann




Neil Patel


“I want to finish off my undergrad schooling with success as I am graduating in May.  After graduating I am looking forward to gaining more experience in the sport and business industry which will help me be successful with my future endeavors.” – Neil Patel

By Trishnee Bhurosy
Trishnee Bhurosy Student Ambassador - Blog Editor Trishnee Bhurosy