Figuring Out What’s Next

Not all of us have all of our steps figured out and honestly, we are reassured everyday that we do not need to have everything figured out right now, but a little help never hurts anyone. There are tons of opportunities and events created to help students figure out their way. The School of Public Health, alone organizes dozens of events that cater to every career path within the school. From internships fairs to employers meet and greets, these events are designed to help students figure out their next steps.

The latest event, the Health Programs Fair, is organized by the Health Professions & Pre-Law Center (HPPLC). The Fair will be on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm in Alumni Hall in the IMU. The event offers an opportunity for students who are considering pursuing a career in healthcare to meet representatives from different health fields. It will not only allow students to get further information regarding their fields from experts, it will also allow them the opportunity to further explore career choices int healthcare field. For further information on the event, contact HPPLC advisor Rachel Tolen.

This opportunity is not only directed at seniors who have applied or are planning to apply to medical school. Students from every year can benefit from it. Freshmen and sophomores will be able to ask questions to figure out how to best prepare for the medical school of their choice and it can offer juniors and seniors the opportunity to learn about the application process, perfect their resumes and recommendations.

Here are a few suggestions to prepare for the event:

  • Do your homework and research ahead of time so you can ask specific questions.
  • If you haven’t figure out what you want to do next, pa attention to what you dislike.
  • I’m guessing you won’t have all day, so scope out the place and prioritize on who you want to speak with.
  • Be prepared. Even though this is not a job fair, it still doesn’t hurt to have a few copies of your resume or your transcript.
  • Have fun! Having a positive attitude and showing interest never hurt anyone.

Even if you don’t know what your next steps are, it’s okay to need help figuring them out. That’s what these events are for. If you are a student in the School of Public Health, the Office of Career Services put on a lot of events specifically geared toward helping students in academic and career choices. And if you’re not a student in the School of Public Health, the other Schools and Colleges at IU have similar programs for that reason. The events tab on the SPH website can be a huge help. Good luck!


Nik Roseau




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By Nik Roseau
Nik Roseau