IU Alumni Spotlight: Health & Fitness

Careers in health and fitness can be interesting, exciting, and rewarding. More so, entering the Health & Fitness industry provide a wide range of possibilities that one can have fun each and every day while working. After all, having fun while working is what we all dream of, right? Jobs in the Health & Fitness industry range from athletic trainers and physical therapists to sports psychologists and nutritionists! More jobs include sports team masseuse, strength coach, and exercise physiologist! Following a path in Health & Fitness comes with the skills and education needed to understand exercise science and the professional world of sports, athletics, and the human body.

Alumni Spotlight!

IU Department of Kinesiology is one of the biggest Kinesiology programs in Indiana. Two Indiana University Alumni, in particular, may agree with me! Dr. Robert Chapman and Dr. Jeanne Johnston are two highly recognized individuals who have both graduated from Indiana University (IU) and decided to continue their excellent work in the Health & Fitness field at IU to educate the public on physical activity and issues.

  • Dr. Robert Chapman
    • Research interests include: focusing on limitations of performance in athletes, gas exchange limitations in long-distance runners, effective use of altitude training to improve endurance, etc.
    • Professional background: US Olympic Committee for USA Track & Field Research, Associate Director of Sports Medicine for USA Track & Field, former men’s cross country/track coach for IU-B

  • Dr. Jeanne Johnston
    • Research interests include: utilizing physical activity to prevent chronic disease, improve education in diseased populations, improve quality of life across different age categories
    • Professional background: Clinical Associate Professor for IU-B, Associate Department Chair of Kinesiology for IU-B, and extremely dedicated researcher and author

As you can see, these two intelligent IU Alumni have taken two completely different paths through the Health & Fitness industry which is the main goal this industry and schools like Kinesiology provide to students! Taking the Health & Fitness route does provide tons of excitement and rewards. However, choosing to study topics in this field also allows one to team up with other Health & Fitness and spread knowledge of necessary public health strategies that improve the overall population in a healthy, much-needed way! Many IU Alumni, in conjunction with people like Dr. Chapman and Dr. Johnston, are always able to be contacted through the IU directory and SPH if questions, concerns, or needed advice arise!


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By Georgina Nicholos
Georgina Nicholos