Attending Professional Public Health Events

Throughout the academic year, local, state, and national public health organizations visit campus to hire interns and full-time employees, in addition to sharing their initiatives and work with individuals in the community. Although these events may seem daunting due to the presence of working professionals, there are many benefits that come from attending.

Professional events are a wonderful opportunity to network. A student can come ready with their resume and elevator pitch, and have the ability to connect with individuals that work in various sectors of public health. A quick conversation can turn into a relationship that will lead to internships and full-time job offers.

Your attendance to a public health event also shows initiative. As the next generation of public health professionals, we have the responsibility to continue the work of current health educators, epidemiologists and biostatisticians, to name a few. Students who dedicate time to exploring their interests and passions will take advantage of these opportunities to connect and engage with others, and have more defined academic and career goals.

Organizations like the Indiana Public Health Association are always looking for students to join their membership base. Joining a community of motivated and committed individuals allows members to tackle public health issues that affect a community, like asthma, heart health, violence, and substance abuse. As a previous intern for IPHA, I had the opportunity to
work directly with local partners and gain insight on how Indiana compares to other states when it comes to public health. I was also able to develop my professional skills, which I use frequently in my search for internships and graduate programs. Starting with a small organization is less intimidating, which allows students to be more comfortable and confident. 

With these tips in mind, The Indiana Public Health Association is eager to present the Indiana Public Health Month Conference, which is being held on April 17 at the Indiana Memorial Union! The topic of the conference revolves around creating effective partnerships that benefit the health of others! There will be a variety of speakers and breakout sessions that participates can attend! There will also be abstract presentations from undergraduate and graduate students! If you are interested in learning more, or looking to register for the event, click here!


Megan Lisch


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By Megan Lisch
Megan Lisch