Do you want to change the world, and be changed at the same time? Travel, learn a new language, and prepare for a global career?Contact IUB’s on-campus Peace Corps recruiter to learn more!

Vicki Runion 812-855-9257

The Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington encourages students interested in internationally oriented careers to consider service in the Peace Corps. As a Peace Corps volunteer (PCV), you will live and work in a foreign country, integrating yourself in a host community and working on projects in areas such as health, education, business development, and protecting the environment.

Interested in hearing it first from SPH-B faculty & staff who have served?

Feel free to reach out to:

  • Hana Cleveland, Eppley Institute – RPTS (Senegal, Agriculture volunteer);
  • Dr. Cassandra Coble, Dept. of Kinesiology (Ghana, Health & Sanitation volunteer);
  • Dr. Justin Otten, Director of Global Health Affairs (Macedonia, TEFL volunteer);
  • Dr. Molly Rosenberg, Dept. of Epidem & Biostats (Dominican Republic & Haiti);

Learn more about serving in the Peace Corps at

Note: Only US citizens may apply

By Kim Ecenbarger
Kim Ecenbarger SPH Senior Associate Director Kim Ecenbarger