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Careers in 20/20

Below are links to my Careers in 20/20 project created to benefit the collegiate Class of 2020.

Careers in 20/20 – Rick Alessandri

One way to land a job in sports after college is to start working full time in the business before graduating.  Watch my discussion with Rick Alessandri to learn how he went from landing his first job in sports while still a student at Fordham to working in senior roles for ESPN and Univision.  Now a top recruiter at Turnkey Search, Rick knows what it takes to get hired.  Stay safe and enjoy!

Careers in 20/20 with Matt Sweeney

How do you end up with one of the biggest jobs in media, overseeing $15 billion in annual client investment?  Matt Sweeney, Chief Investment Officer for GroupM U.S., shares his story in today’s edition of Careers in 20/20.  He offers timeless advice for the Class of 2020 and job seekers of all ages.

Enjoy and stay safe!

Careers in 20/20 with Kate Pikul

Many top pros broke into the business on the agency side.  In this edition of Careers in 20/20 TraceyLocke’s Kate Pikul talks about the various roles she’s played over 20 years at one of the top promotional marketing agencies in the business.  Now responsible for talent recruitment, she is an outstanding source of advice and guidance for job seekers.

Enjoy and stay safe!

Careers in 20/20 with John Zaccario

Today’s interview is with John Zaccario, EVP Advertising Sales for the Game Show Network and board member at the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB).  John talks about his journey from being a production assistant at ABC Sports to leading sales for a major cable network.  He offers great advice for anyone just starting out their careers.

Please share with your networks.  Enjoy and stay safe!

Careers in 20/20 with Sarah Hollis

How does someone who majored in biology become a highly respected leader in sports marketing and media?  In the latest installment of Careers in 20/20 Sarah Hollis, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer for USA Track & Field shares how she pivoted from being a college athlete interested in medicine to a career working for some of the biggest names in sports, including ESPN, Fox Sports, Major League Soccer and the USOC.

Please share with any young people in your networks.  Enjoy and stay safe!

Careers in 20/20 with Patricia Betron

In today’s edition of Careers in 20/20, my friend and former colleague, Patricia Betron, SVP at Disney Advertising Sales, shares some key moments from her career journey and invaluable advice for the Class of 2020.  Please share with any young people in your networks.  Enjoy and stay safe!

Careers in 20/20 with Spence Kramer

Today I’m releasing the first in a series of video interviews with accomplished professionals called Careers in 20/20.  My goal is to provide encouragement and job search advice to the Class of 2020, a great group of young people uniquely impacted by the pandemic.  You can read more about it here.

Spence Kramer, principal at the marketing consultancy TSK Inc and the former CEO of JWT Atlanta, is my guest.

Please share this video, and the others as they become available, with your network and especially with any college seniors.

Stay safe everyone!


Welcome.  My name is Fred Bucher and For What It’s Worth is where I share thoughts and opinions on marketing, advertising and media, industries that touch all of us daily.  Also I offer career and management observations from my professional experience, plus thoughts on random stuff that interests me.

My perspective comes from 25+ years solving marketing challenges, leading through change and growing businesses of all sizes across the country.  For most of the past decade I was the CMO at both Time Warner Cable Media and Charter/Spectrum Reach, the ad sales division of the 2nd largest cable/broadband company in the country.  I’ve also held senior level marketing positions at ESPN and Omnicom’s TraceyLocke.  Currently I am a taking a sabbatical to focus on personal and charitable projects before returning to the professional ranks.

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