Students Step Up 2 Serve Initiative-Indiana Covid Relief

The State of Indiana needs support in many areas to respond to COVID-19 as a part of the Students Step Up 2 Serve Initiative.

The Indiana Department of Health has asked our University to send this callout to Indiana’s college students in an effort to recruit individuals to serve in various jobs throughout the State that are directly or indirectly related to COVID-19. We recognize that many students are looking for part-time employment opportunities and want to offer this to the student body in an effort to connect you with an opportunity to serve in Indiana’s COVID-19 response.

The State needs workers in a myriad of settings/locations, availabilities, and various types of roles, including: registering individuals for COVID testing, making calls for contact tracing, transporting nursing home patients from their room to the cafeteria, etc. Please only respond to this form if you have any level of availability to serve in some capacity. If this sounds like you, please RISE UP and submit your information on the form linked here (

For FAQs on the process of connecting individuals to job/service opportunities: please click here.

This process is being organized by the Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research & Policy on behalf of the Indiana Department of Health. If you have further questions after reviewing the provided materials, please email and one of their staff members will be in touch.

By School of Public Health Office of Career Services
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