Career Courses Offered During Summer Terms

Though the job market has shown improvements in recent weeks, students remain concerned about their future job/internship search, grad school application, and how specific industries and careers will rebound after the pandemic. A summer career course can ease some of these concerns and provide you with more confidence as you prepare to reach your career goals.

K199 Careers in the Helping Professions, taught by Susan Simmons, will be offered the first 4Wk Session and will helps students get a jumpstart on their career planning and decision-making prior to fall term.

K301 Professional and Career Preparation, taught by Kim Ecenbarger, will be offered second 8 week summer term and be valuable to students still seeking full-time employment, preparing for fall internships, planning a gap year, or preparing to apply to graduate or professional school.

Descriptions and learning objectives are outlined below. If you’re concerned or are looking to be proactive in your career and professional development, consider one of these courses to put your concern at ease and accomplish your goals. Not sure which class is right for you? Your academic advisor or a career coach can help you make an informed decision.

K199 Careers in the Helping Professions

Learning Outcomes
This course helps first- and second-year students explore careers in helping disciplines, including but not limited to, medicine, nursing, allied health, social work, education, fitness, and life coaching. By the end of the course, students will:

  • Be able to define, identify, and contrast helping professions.
  • Assess values, interests, personality, and skills and identify relevance in goal setting and career preparation.
  • Understand and apply career interest inventories or assessments to personal and professional goals.
  • Utilize career development resources to identify and analyze career trends, pathways, and learning experiences.
  • Demonstrate the ability to reflect on course concepts in writing.
  • Develop and construct a resume.
  • Create an online personal/professional branding site.
  • Explain the importance of cultural competency in the helping professions/workplace.

K301 Professional and Career Preparation

Learning Outcomes
This course prepares upper-level students to navigate the job search process across public health disciplines or prepare for the graduate/professional school application process. By the end of 8 weeks, students will be able to:

  • Navigate the graduate school application process or begin a full-time job search by researching and leveraging the right resources.
  • Customize tailored application materials including resume, cover letter/personal statement, and accounting for references/letters of recommendations.
  • Understand the important role of networking and utilize the LinkedIn platform more in-depth to convey a positive brand and extend networking reach.
  • Convey skills and articulate qualifications during an interview through mock practice.
  • Evaluate programs and offers and accept, decline, or negotiate confidently and professionally.
  • Feel more confident and prepared to transition from undergraduate education into the workforce or graduate program.
By Kim Ecenbarger
Kim Ecenbarger SPH Senior Associate Director Kim Ecenbarger