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Online Graduate Degree Offerings

Are you planning for a graduate degree in public health? Consider pursuing it online.  

My Public Health Direct at the IU Bloomington School of Public Health offers online graduate programs taught by the same award-winning faculty with the same student-centered teaching, all with the flexibility of an online format. Learn more about these degree offerings here

  • Masters of Public Health 
    • Epidemiology 
    • Public Health Administration 
    • Environmental Health 
    • Physical Activity 
    • Parks & Recreation 
  • Masters of Science 
    • Safety Management 
    • Recreation Administration 
    • Outdoor Recreation 
    • Recreational Therapy 
    • Tourism Management 
  • Graduate Certificate 
    • Public Health 
    • Safety Management 
    • Addiction Intervention 
    • Sexual & Reproductive Health 
    • Gerontology & Health 

If you have any questions, reach out to us at or fill our our contact form with your program of interest. We are here to help support you and your professional goals.

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My Public Health Direct 

By Susan Simmons
Susan Simmons Director of Career Services