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Blogger of the Month: Ally Hunt


Name: Ally Hunt

Year: Senior

Hometown: Zionsville, IN

Career Goal: Ultimately, I would love to be an Epidemiologist doing research that would help various populations with different health disparities that affect our world today. I have always yearned to find something …

By Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown Profile Picture
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So, You’re Thinking About Applying to Grad School…

picture of stack of notebooks

Being a senior in college is bittersweet. I feel like I was just arriving to campus for my first day of orientation, excited to move in to the, formerly named, Rose Hall to make memories to last a lifetime. Now I’m …

By Ally Hunt
Ally Hunt
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Bringing Communication Skills to Life


James Humes once said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” Although many of us are aware that communication is important, you may not realize how essential good communication is – especially when trying to get ahead in your …

By Georgina Nicholos
Georgina Nicholos
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More to Communication


My journey from India to India-na was long!

Precisely located in the opposite hemispheres, 8197 miles apart and a time difference of 9.5 hours or 10.5 hours (depending on whether it is the summer or winter solstice) between these two …

By Tapati Dutta
Tapati Dutta Doctoral Student
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Working in Sports: All for the Glory?

Sport Business Media

There’s a lot of glory that comes with pursuing a career in sports!

You are the person that your whole family wants to talk to around the holidays and the response from your newly met peers is usually something along …

By Dustin Sleet
Dustin Sleet Blogger
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Sport Business & Media Career Event: Silver Partner and Alumni Mentors


The Sport Business & Media Career Event is coming up on the 14th October. Before the big day, here is some brief information on our Silver Partner – Yelp and our amazing alumni mentors!

Elisabeth Ferrell – Yelp

Yelp is …

By Neil Patel
Neil Patel Sport Marketing and Management
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Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Zola, Class of 2016



IU Undergraduate: BS, Public Health with concentration in Sports Communication – Broadcast




Jordan is coming to campus on September 30th to discuss her career as a Sales Consultant with the Phoenix Suns and to answer any questions …

By Neil Patel
Neil Patel Sport Marketing and Management
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IU Alumnus, Mick Dell’Orco, Shares Career Advice (Article by Teamwork Online)

TeamWork Online logo

Mick Dell’Orco, Group Sales Account Executive, Houston Astros

Houston, TX – Michael “Mick” Dell’Orco is a Group Sales Account Executive at the Houston Astros. Mick was hired after he graduated in 2013. Mick believes that being able to tell a compelling …

By Kimberly Ecenbarger
Kimberly Ecenbarger Associate Director of Career Services Kimberly Ecenbarger
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Alumni Spotlight: Michael Leivant, Class of 2001 and 2003

Alumni Spotlight: Michael Leivant, Class of 2001 and 2003 photo

IU SPH Alumni Spotlight Blog: Michael Leivant

IU Undergraduate: BS, Public Health with concentration in Health Administration (1997 -2001)

IU Graduate: Masters in Health Administration (2001 – 2003)

How did you get into your field?

I originally got into the healthcare …

By Mike Leivant
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7 Ways to Maximizing Networking Events


Buffy Filippell, Founder of TeamWork Online

Cleveland, OH – You want to get your foot in the door into the sports industry.
You see there is a TeamWork Online Teammate networking event coming and you sign up for it.
You pay …

By Buffy Filippell
Buffy Filippell Founder
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