Student Spotlight

Internship Spotlight: Wyatt Wells

Name: Wyatt Wells

Major: Sport Marketing and Management

Company/Organization: Hanapin Marketing

Position: Digital Marketing Intern

Location: Bloomington, IN

Wyatt Wells graduated this last fall semester and we wanted to interview him on an internship he had with Hanapin Marketing during …

By Neil Patel
Neil Patel Blogger
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Student Spotlight: Molly Chatham

Name: Molly Chatham

Major: Community Health

Year: Senior

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Why did you choose to come to IU?

I chose to come to IU because it’s always been a passion of mine. Growing up my parents were always big …

By Ally Hunt
Ally Hunt
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Student Spotlight: Naima Gardner

Education: MPH – Behavioral, Social and Community Health; graduating May 2017

Position: Grassroots Director, American Heart Association

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

My job offers me a lot of independence in terms of how I approach my directives. …

By Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown Profile Picture
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Diversity in Wellness

One thing I have always loved about public health is how diverse it is as a whole. There are so many different components that go into overall health and wellness. Some study the social aspects of it, while others study …

By Ally Hunt
Ally Hunt
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Blogger of the Month: Georgina Nicholos

NAME: Georgina Nicholos, often goes by Gina
YEAR: Junior
HOMETOWN: Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ for about ½ and moved to South Bend, IN for the other ½

CAREER GOALS: Currently majoring in Human Development and Family Studies and minoring in …

By Georgina Nicholos
Georgina Nicholos
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The Next Steps…Time to Get to Work

In my last post I explained what brought me to IU and the Master of Public Health program. Now that I’m 71 days from graduating—but who’s counting—it’s time to think about what’s next. Though it has been fun to be …

By Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown Profile Picture
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Find Yourself and Be That

“Find Yourself and Be That” were words once spoken by my favorite teacher, Mr Sreepaul. I was eleven at that time and I could not fully understand their meaning then. Years later, his wise words resonated so deeply with me.

By Trishnee Bhurosy
Trishnee Bhurosy Student Ambassador - Blog Editor Trishnee Bhurosy
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Mud Pits, Waterslides, Camp…Oh My!

For me, summer camp played a huge role in my childhood. I loved staying in cabins with my new friends, singing camp songs, and of course, making memories out on the lake. My favorite camp that I was lucky enough …

By Ally Hunt
Ally Hunt
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Blogger of the Month: Dustin Sleet


Name: Dustin Sleet

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Encinitas, CA




Career Goal: I would love to work for a Major League Baseball (MLB) team in the baseball operations department. I have played and been around baseball since I …

By Dustin Sleet
Dustin Sleet Blogger
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Professional Competency – A Process and an Outcome

It was last year when I started teaching undergraduates for the first time here, at Indiana University. The ground for this was well laid through the SPH-H750, Pedagogy in Health Behavior class, which was mandatory for all of us, the …

By Tapati Dutta
Tapati Dutta Tapati
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