Alumni Spotlight: Courtney Stewart, Class of 2002

IU Undergraduate: BS, Social and Behavioral Sciences

IU Graduate: Masters, Public Health

Ms. Stewart will be joining us on November 9th from 5-8pm for the Public Health, Safety & Social Services Career Fair.  She will be speaking about her experiences …

By Trishnee Bhurosy
Trishnee Bhurosy Student Ambassador - Blog Editor Trishnee Bhurosy
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Student Spotlight: Allison Anton

Name: Allison Anton

Program/Major: Masters of Public Health in Public Health Administration

Position(s): Health Educator/Program Coordinator at the IU Health Center; William Bailey Graduate Assistant at the Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC)

What’s a typical week like for you at IU?

By Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown Profile Picture
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Use Your Alumni Network to Help You Get Hired – IU Alum Theo Hodges

Use Your Alumni Network to Help You Get Hired


Bloomington, IN — Theo Hodges, ’01 graduate of Indiana University, flew in from Seattle, Washington where he heads ticket sales for the Seattle Sounders, to help students of his alma mater …

By Buffy Filippell
Buffy Filippell Founder
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Blogger of the Month: Ally Hunt

Name: Ally Hunt

Year: Senior

Hometown: Zionsville, IN

Career Goal: Ultimately, I would love to be an Epidemiologist doing research that would help various populations with different health disparities that affect our world today. I have always yearned to find something …

By Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown Profile Picture
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So, You’re Thinking About Applying to Grad School…

Being a senior in college is bittersweet. I feel like I was just arriving to campus for my first day of orientation, excited to move in to the, formerly named, Rose Hall to make memories to last a lifetime. Now I’m …

By Ally Hunt
Ally Hunt
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SPH-X 580 Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health

Prof. Dr. Larissa Jennings Mayo-Wilson.
Working on your career plan may seem daunting in the midst of a pandemic, but there are steps you can…

EDUC-F 203 Exploring Careers in Statistics

Prof. Julie Lorah
EDUC-F 203 is a fun way to earn 1-credit hour during the 2nd 8 weeks of spring 2021. The class is called “Exploring Careers in Statistics,” but don’t…

SPH-K 450: Programming for Age-Associated Medical Conditions

Prof. Kathryn Palano PT, DPT
Class meets 100% Online through Asynchronous instruction This course will provide undergraduate students with an introduction to exercise prescription for…

Minor in Medical Anthropology (15 credit hours)

The Medical Anthropology minor provides a cross-cultural and evolutionary/historical perspective on health; methods training that includes ethnographic, statistical, and laboratory…

SPH-K199 Careers in Helping Professions

Prof. Susan Simmons
8 weeks | Open to any IU student and is well suited to first and second year students Helping professions…

SPH-K 301 Professional and Career Preparation

Prof. Kim Ecenbarger
8 weeks | Open to students junior and senior- level Whether preparing for graduate school or pursing a full-time position,…

MSCI M300: COVID19 Vaccination Corps

Prof. Dr. Kathy Hiller
Are you interested in pursuing a healthcare-related career? Or interested in helping during the pandemic. Consider the 3-credit elective in…

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