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2023-2024 CASPA cycle opens on April 27

Please see below for important cycle dates and information

Customer Support
We encourage both applicants and advisors to use the CASPA Applicant Help Center before starting an application. If you have any additional questions, you may contact the customer service …

By Kim Ecenbarger
Kim Ecenbarger SPH Senior Associate Director
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Unlock Your Potential with ASFA: Why You Should Choose the American Sports and Fitness Association for Your Fitness Certification

If you’re looking to become a certified fitness professional, you may be wondering which organization to choose for your certification. One option is the American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA), a leading organization in the fitness industry that provides certifications …

By Lawrence Nentwig
Lawrence Nentwig Why you should use ASFA for all your fitness certifications!
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An employer says she caught a job seeker applying for a role with a ChatGPT cover letter, but it lacked personal information and cost them the job.

Mandy Tang, a career coach and business owner, said she received an application for a part-time résumé writer role around five minutes after she posted the job on UpWork, an online freelancing platform.

Although she hadn’t requested a cover letter, …

By Beatrice Nolan
Beatrice Nolan
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IU School of Medicine Medical Laboratory Science Program

Considering a Gap Year – Consider IUSM Medical Laboratory Science Program!

Nearly every critical decision in healthcare is informed by high quality laboratory data provided by Medical Laboratory Scientists. Medical Laboratory Scientists (MLS) are detectives that work behind the scenes …

By Kim Ecenbarger
Kim Ecenbarger SPH Senior Associate Director
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Major Choices Podcast Episode 20: Let’s Get Career Fair Ready

In this episode, IU Career Coach Rachel Gerber explores everything you ever wanted to know about a career or job fair – what to say, how to follow-up, and why you should go – even if you are a first …

By Kim
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