School of Public Health Students are Making a Difference Near and Far

Top 5 states

Indiana • Illinois • New York • California • Florida

Graduation Outcomes at a Glance

School of Public Health has a 97% overall outcomes success rate.

*Overall success rate for SPH class of 18-19 based on a knowledge rate of 76%.

First-destination Outcomes by degree

  • Bachelor of Science

    Approximately two-thirds of our students who earn a Bachelor of Science degree directly enter the job market upon graduating, while about one-third of degree recipients continue their education in a graduate program to pursue career paths requiring an advanced degree–such as medicine or allied health.
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health

    While many of our BSPH graduates enter the workforce with health departments, nonprofits, or social service organizations, many transition into graduate programs to earn a Master of Public Health, Master of Social Work, or other professional degree.
  • Master of Public Health

    The majority of students who complete the Master of Public Health degree move directly enter the workforce. A large proportion are employed in the government/public sector or work for non-profit organizations. A small percentage enroll in doctoral-level programs upon graduation.
  • Master of Science

    Most students who complete a Master of Science degree find employment upon graduation with a large proportion working in the for-profit sector. A small percentage enroll in doctoral-level programs after completing their Master’s degree.
  • Doctorate

    Most students who complete a PhD degree secure employment at universities or research centers across the country.

Employment Sector

graph showing employment sector by degree

Continuing Education

29% of School of Public Health undergraduate degree recipients go on to pursue a graduate program.

Popular areas of continued study include:
Public Health • Medicine • Allied Health • Education • Law

• Business • Social Work • Computer Science • Public Policy

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What’s Next?
Seniors—Let us know your plans after graduation.
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– Employment
– Graduate School
– Military Service
– Americorps/Peace Corps

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