Top 10 Things Every College Student Should Do To Become More Professional


We all know that transitioning from what we know into something we’ve never done before can be difficult. For some, change is fun and exciting, even welcomed. But for others, change can be hard, tedious and sidestepped. Unfortunately, as human …

By Georgina Nicholos
Georgina Nicholos
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The Net-Worth of Networking in Conferences

HPV conference

 August Comte, the father of sociology, defined society as a social organism possessing harmony of structure and function, and according to Talcott Parsons, society is a plethora of complex human relationships, often summated as ‘a web of social relationship’. …

By Tapati Dutta
Tapati Dutta
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The Unknown Danger of Spring Break

student taking a break

Spring break in college is like Vegas for bachelor parties! It’s a chance to get away from all of it for a little while and just go absolutely crazy. College students from all over America travel all over the globe, …

By Dustin Sleet
Dustin Sleet Blogger
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SPH Scholarships’ Application – Open!


Each year, the School of Public Health (SPH) offers a variety of scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students. The 2017-2018 ones are now available to apply for and the deadline to apply for these scholarships is March 10, 2017. …

By Trishnee Bhurosy
Trishnee Bhurosy Student Ambassador - Blog Editor Trishnee Bhurosy
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Diversity in Wellness


One thing I have always loved about public health is how diverse it is as a whole. There are so many different components that go into overall health and wellness. Some study the social aspects of it, while others study …

By Ally Hunt
Ally Hunt
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