PHAP Webinar Inside Look!


On Thursday, November 30, the School of Public Health will be hosting a PHAP webinar. What is PHAP? PHAP stands for the Public Health Associates Program! This webinar will tell you everything you need to know about applying to the …

By Gina Nicholos
Gina Nicholos
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Dreaming of Summer!

Eppley Trails Study

With the colder temperatures setting in and the holiday season upon us, summer might seem like a distant memory.  Yet, just three short months ago, I was finishing up my summer employment at Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands …

By Derek Herrmann
Derek Herrmann Graduate Student, Visiting Research Associate
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10 Things to Do Over the Holidays: College Student Edition

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I know you’ve been looking forward to enjoying the holidays since the second week of classes and I feel your pain. And you can! There are also some easy things you can do that will go a long way in …

By Nik Roseau
Nik Roseau
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Here Are 3 Important Employment Skills You Can Gain Through Travel

Here Are 3 Important Employment Skills You Can Gain Through Travel thumbnail image

Choosing to travel during college will enable you to develop as an individual and also professionally. So if you’re thinking of doing a gap year, this could be your opportunity to grow.

You will find that an adventure can help …

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Navigating the Public Health Journey

many ways to navigate public health

If you are pursuing a degree in public health, the uncertainty in answering the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” may be all too familiar.

Other pre-professionals get off easy. They say doctor or police …

By Mackenzie Jones
Mackenzie Jones Navigating the Public Health Journey
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