Adulting: Know your privilege, let go of your prejudices, and respect diversity.


#Adulting can be hard. I am 24 and I feel like I’ve barely scraped the surface of the #learningtoadult phase. Though I highly doubt it’s a phase. #Adulting involves adapting to new situations and meeting new people, and that happens …

By Mackenzie Jones
Mackenzie Jones Student Ambassador Mackenzie Jones
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Make Magic for a Semester: The Disney College Program


As Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation focus month draws to a close, I want to take the chance to speak about a popular opportunity in this field. Applications are now live for the Fall 2018 Disney College Program. If you’ve ever …

By Shay Harmon
Shay Harmon
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Find your next step at the Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Career Fair


Are you looking for employment in the Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation industry? Good thing there is a Career Focus Fair on Wednesday, January 24th from 11am-2pm in the IMU Alumni Hall. Because this is a big event and there are …

By Alyssa Steinman
Alyssa Steinman
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6 Tips and Tricks to Create a Resume that Gets the Job Done


By now, we all know college is a time where we can all start putting our lives together because we are expected to be grownups. Kind of. Anyway, a big part of  “adulting” is having a resume that can lend …

By Nik Roseau
Nik Roseau
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The Intersection of Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation, and Public Health


Welcome back to all students, faculty, and staff!  It is hard to believe that winter break is over and it is already 2018.  That means it’s time to jump into the first career community month of the year with a …

By Derek Herrmann
Derek Herrmann Graduate Student, Visiting Research Associate
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