The Importance of LinkedIn Across Geographical Boundaries


If you have been around the School of Public Health lately, or have subscribed to the weekly updates from Career Services, you have likely seen a big push for crafting a professional-grade LinkedIn profile.  This is truly a sign of …

By Derek Herrmann
Derek Herrmann Visiting Research Associate
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Crafting a Competitive LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn can be considered one of the most daunting social media platforms to be a member of. When I first became part of the LinkedIn community, I was definitely intimidated by the strength and professional style of my peers’ work …

By Megan Lisch
Megan Lisch
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Employer Spotlight: James “JB” Bryant, Colorado Rapids


James “JB” Bryant, Manager of Inside Sales for the Colorado Rapids, is coming to campus on December 3rd to discuss the Colorado Rapids Sales Combine.  The talk will take place on campus from 11:00am to 4:00pm and is invitation only.   …

By Neil Patel
Neil Patel Student Ambassador - Blog Co-Editor Neil Patel
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PHAP Webinar Inside Look!


On Thursday, November 30, the School of Public Health will be hosting a PHAP webinar. What is PHAP? PHAP stands for the Public Health Associates Program! This webinar will tell you everything you need to know about applying to the …

By Gina Nicholos
Gina Nicholos
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Dreaming of Summer!

Eppley Trails Study

With the colder temperatures setting in and the holiday season upon us, summer might seem like a distant memory.  Yet, just three short months ago, I was finishing up my summer employment at Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands …

By Derek Herrmann
Derek Herrmann Graduate Student, Visiting Research Associate
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