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EDUC-F 203 Exploring Careers in Statistics

EDUC-F 203 is a fun way to earn 1-credit hour during the 2nd 8 weeks of spring 2021. The class is called “Exploring Careers in Statistics,” but don’t worry. You don’t need any stats experience to take it!

The course is designed for students who identify as female and are interested in simply being exposed to the field of statistics, career, and graduate-school opportunities!

Benefits from taking the class

  • You can be paired with a graduate student mentor to receive advice and to also learn about their experiences with statistics
  • You will be exposed to the many different career opportunities available in the field of statistics (the field is growing rapidly and there are many employment opportunities)

How to Sign Up

  • First, enroll in EDUC-F 203 (Class Number: 38709) (Class meets every Wednesday from 2-3pm. First class begins on March 17th!)
  • Then, email the instructor ( to receive permission to sign up (anyone interested in the course will be granted permission)

Be sure to sign up fast! We are looking forward to seeing you in the course.

Please visit or email the instructor, Julie Lorah ( for more information!

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