Tells us why you chose your major:

I chose the HDFS major because I wanted to expand my knowledge on human development and how environments, family history, SES, and society can impact someone’s development. Additionally, this major connects with my interest in being a pediatrician, and I wanted to broaden my interests with both science and human development.

Share your future career aspirations:

My future career aspirations is to become a pediatrician. This has been a dream of mine for a long time. The impact that my pediatrician has had on me is the same impact that I would love to on my patients. I want my patients to look forward to having a calming and comfortable experience with me. I want my patients to know that I will always have their best interest at heart and support and treat them to the best of my ability.

Share what skills, competencies, and/or characteristics do you feel are most important to be successful in your chosen industry: 

Skills that I feel are most important to be successful in my future career is preparedness, discipline, time management, and effective communication.

Tell us about an experience or experiences (ie: curricular, extra-curricular, shadowing, internship, study abroad) that has made you more confident in your career readiness.

In the past I have volunteered and have done an internship at an Eskenazi clinic in Indianapolis. I have previously worked with adolescents who have ADHD and worked on emotion regulation, communication, and engagement. Last summer for my internship, I helped create needle phobia kits, and observed patient appointments, and assisted in physicals for a summer camp.

Share a short-term goal you’re pursuing or working toward:  

A short term goal I am pursuing is being able to find a scribe job over the summer and work with Dr. Stelzner again.

A mentor can be a valuable collaborator in one’s career journey. Tell about a mentor you’ve had at IU and how this relationship has been beneficial. 

I have known my mentor for 4 years now. She has helped me so much when it comes to applying to colleges, looking over resumes/personal letters, and helping me with seeking opportunities.

Share a piece of advice you have for peers pursuing your same path:

My advice is to always remain resilient, strong, and motivated even when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It can feel overwhelming, stressful, and even scary. But you can’t hold yourself back and remain in the dark. Keep moving forward, and one day that dark tunnel will be behind you and you will become the light.