Career Readiness – Will U Be Ready?

Eight competencies are essential when transitioning into the workforce. This handout outlines the skills employers expect of recent graduates. Will…

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Career Action Plan Overview

This resource provides a broad overview of how to progress through your college experience prepared for your next destination.

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Career Action Plan: Year 1

Your first year of college is an exciting and busy time. As you settle in on campus and take your…

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Career Action Plan: Year 2

By second year, you know the campus and Indiana University environment quite well. On the agenda this year is making…

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Career Action Plan: Year 3

Year three is the ideal time to plan specific short-term career goals. Seek opportunities to gain practical experience or prepare…

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Career Action Plan: Year 4

Graduation or a summer internship is quickly approaching. Initiate a plan for next destination success. Access this resource for a…

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Career Action Plan: Graduate

Assess, explore, and pursue the options to successfully integrate into your career following graduate school. Access this resource for a…

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What Is a Career Community?

Access this resource to learn about the career community model and five occupational categories for the School of Public Health.…

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Career Community: Public Health & Safety

Whether you’re focused on protecting the environment, leading a community health program, or promoting health and safety in workplaces for…

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