indeed Job Board

One of the most robust job boards, Indeed aggregates job listings from thousands of websites and allows you to search …

This job board features internships available throughout the state of Indiana across industries. Research whether your EARN Indiana eligible.

Internship Portal – School of Public Health

This internal SPH resources is a one-stop-shop for internship information. Locate internship course requirements, a library of internships placements, and …

Internship Portal (GUIDE)

This handout provides step-by-step instructions on how to access the Internship Portal.


This handout outlines the value of an internship, how to initiate your internship search, and how to determine if the …

LinkedIn (GUIDE)

This handout provides an overview on how to create a LinkedIn profile and utilize this platform to advance your career …

LinkedIn for Students

Resources to let you know the benefits of a LinkedIn profile and presence, and to help you get started on …


This handout outlines how to develop your network, how to prepare for informational interviews, and how to cultivate relationships.

Career Fair Preparation

This handout outlines how to prepare for a career fair and maximize connections while there.