Student Spotlight: Allison Anton

img_4516Name: Allison Anton

Program/Major: Masters of Public Health in Public Health Administration

Position(s): Health Educator/Program Coordinator at the IU Health Center; William Bailey Graduate Assistant at the Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC)

What’s a typical week like for you at IU?

In a typical week I have to split my time three ways. Days that I am at the Health Center, I am working on the Peer Health and Wellness Program and planning the next sexual health event for Sexploration. Days that I am at the IPRC, I am assisting with the Indiana Youth Survey (INYS) or writing articles for the newsletter. The rest of my week is spent focusing on my course work.

Why did you decide to get your MPH?

Most of my dream career paths (yes I have more than one) require an MPH. I decided to push through right after finishing undergrad because I still very motivated. Some students need a couple years to explore a few careers or need some time away from exams and papers. Others, such as myself, are ready for graduate school the second they grab their diploma.

How did you find out about your position(s)?

My first year in the MPH program I was the graduate assistant for Cathlene Hardy Hansen, the director of Health & Wellness at the IU Health Center. I mentioned my experiences working with a peer health program at Ball State University. She needed someone to help growing and expanding the IU’s Peer Health and Wellness Program. Based on my previous experience she offered me the position.

One of my topics of interest is alcohol and tobacco prevention. During undergrad, I worked on a research article on electronic cigarettes. At the MPH graduate orientation, I spoke with a representative from the IPRC. They mentioned the William Bailey Graduate position and suggested that I apply for it for my second year.


Allison at V3: Vulvas, Vaginas and Vibrators, a sexual health event she helped Sexploration coordinate.

What advice do you have for students considering an getting internship or job while taking classes? 

It’s all about balance. It’s very important to set time aside for specific tasks. If you need to study for an exam, communicate that to your supervisor in advance. Sticking to your plan will help you stay on schedule and prevent a stressful situation later on.

What are your career plans after graduation? 

I am very passionate about leadership. I hope to work in either non profit or hospital management.


What is the best career advice you’ve received?

The best career advice I received was while I was in an undergraduate class. The advice was to seek out every opportunity possible to learn about your future career. This includes joining student organizations, shadowing jobs you are interested in and participating in internship experiences. You may be surprised by what you like or don’t like, and being a student is a great time to explore all of your options!

By Rachel Brown
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