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Many majors don’t point to a specific career path, rather there are many possibilities to consider as you explore your academic and career interests.  Career Interest Communities are industry-themed groups that help you explore your areas of interest and potential career pathways you could try.
Each community contains career ideas, majors for exploration, and student and professional organizations that are unique to each group. These curated resources are designed to help you learn about your options and gain industry-specific information to help navigate your future more confidently.
We encourage you to explore as many Career Communities as you’d like and feel free to reach out to a career coach who can help you figure out your next steps, wherever you are in the process.


  • Community Health & Human Services
    Do you want to provide education, policy development, or administration of programs that promote healthy communities? Perhaps you are interested in health and safety in the workplace, or maybe you want to focus on working with youth and families.
  • Health & Life Sciences
    Are you looking to answer critical public health questions? Perhaps you want to conduct research, reduce disease, develop treatment options, or understand health behaviors. Or maybe you want to research how the environment impacts human health. Consider specializing in a field focusing on research.
  • Healthcare & Wellness
    Do you have an interest in clinical fields such as medicine, physician
    assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, or athletic training to help individuals rehabilitate from disease or injury? Are you interested in assisting clients with exercise programs, nutritional guidance, or behavior change to enhance wellness? If so, the Healthcare & Wellness Career Community will provide you with opportunities to learn about career options.
  • Sports, Events, Tourism & Recreation
    Are you interested in a career related to sports, events, hospitality, tourism, parks & recreation, or the outdoors? Do you want to focus on business aspects, design, and management of programs that improve quality of life through enjoyment of sport and leisure activities? You can enhance health, happiness, and well-being through organizations and programs where people live, work, and play.


Use the career outcomes tool to explore the first destinations of our students following graduation. For a full view of outcomes across all programs and degrees in the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington, visit the Outcomes page.

IMS College Program

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is hiring College Program Event Staff!

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Interstride – Empowering IU Students on their International Journey

Interstride is making its way to IU, offering you a unique opportunity to explore and navigate international career interests. As an IU student, this resource platform provides a one-stop-shop for all things related to international education, career development, and networking …

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’23 IU Health & Human Services Career Day Recap

This past Wednesday, the School of Public Health, School of Education, and School of Social Work hosted their IU Health and Human Services Career Day! There was a great turnout – more than 50 employers were in attendance to engage with …

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Amanda Zwissler Assistant Director, Employer Relations
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Kim Ecenbarger SPH Senior Associate Director
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