Report Your Post-Graduation Outcome

IU School of Public Health encourages all students and alumni to report their career outcomes through our secure analytics site. Please report employment, continuing education, military service, or volunteer experiences such as Peace Corps or AmeriCorps. We utilize this information to make decisions about our programs. In addition, knowledge of successful career outcomes is helpful to current and prospective students. Your data will only be reported in summary format and will not be individually identifiable.

First Destination

First Destination represents the post-graduation status of students within 6 months following graduation from the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington. Successful outcomes include: Employment or post-graduation fellowship, continuing education, military service, or volunteer service.

Tool Tip: Click/Unclick the filters at the top of the page to change criteria. Hover over the chart to see detail. Please note some visualizations may be suppressed to protect privacy if adequate sample size is not reached.

Top Employers

This list identifies some of the companies and organizations hiring IU School of Public Health graduates. The list is interactive and will update as filters are changed. Use the filters to explore the variety of employers hiring our graduates from different academic programs and degrees.

Employment Sectors

Graduates of the IU School of Public Health find employment in diverse workplace sectors including non-profit, for-profit, government/public, start-up, higher education, and healthcare settings. Please note that higher education and healthcare detail are newer additions in data collection categories and will appear in more recent years.

Tool Tip: Adjust the filters at the top of the page to see how employment sector varies with major field of study. 

Starting Salary

Starting salary is voluntarily reported by graduates and represents the average & median offer for their first destination employment. These figures do not include bonuses or other benefits which may be part of their employment package. Cost of living for a specific geographic location will likely impact starting salary offers.

Tool Tip: Starting salary is suppressed if the sample size is insufficient. Consider viewing all years combined if values are suppressed. Change filters to view starting salaries for different degree levels.

Employment Locations

Employment locations are shown for recent graduates' first destination employment.  Our graduates can be found throughout the United States and around the world.

Tool Tip: Use the filters to explore the variety of locations where IU School of Public Health graduates are starting their careers and making contributions. Hover over the map to view the percentage of graduates employed in each state.

United States


Top Universities

This list includes the most common universities where graduates have been accepted for further education. Adjust the filters to explore the variety of locations where graduates of our programs continue their academic pursuits.

Degree Types

For students continuing education, this visualization identifies the types of degrees pursued.

Fields of Study

This visualization provides additional detail on the specific fields of study pursued through continuing education.

Tool Tip: Set filters to specific majors to see the wide variety of fields in which our graduates advance their studies.