Career Kickstart for Public Health

Prepare for your career

Be an active participant in your career planning. Combine coursework with hands-on learning. Explore career options, engage with fellow students, and network with professionals as part of this formal career development program.

Learn about the program

The Career Kickstart for Public Health program engages students as active participants in their career planning through a combination of coursework and hands-on learning. During the various components of this formal career development program, students explore career options, engage with fellow peers, and network with professionals. Successful completion results in an eNotation.

What is an eNotation and how can you benefit from it?

An eNotation is an electronic credential awarded by Indiana University to recognize successful completion of an approved set of curricular and co-curricular experiences that demonstrate a student’s commitment to academic and professional success. Once awarded, a student can utilize the Career Kickstart eNotation on job applications and professional networking sites to demonstrate their career readiness.

Who can pursue this professional development credential?

While the program requires completion of coursework and career development activities through the School of Public Health, it is open to all undergraduate students on campus.

What you’ll learn

The Career Kickstart Professional Development program focuses on the core competency of career management while engaging participants in a combination of coursework, individualized career coaching sessions, Career Kickstart seminars, and career events involving networking with recruiters. To earn the electronic credential, students will complete an academic course(s) along with co-curricular programs that develop Career Readiness competencies.

Complete 3 credit hours of approved career planning and professional development with a grade of C- or better in each class.

SPH-R 312 (3cr) – P: SPH-R 200 or SPH-B 150 or SPH-K 150; admitted major in Parks, Recreation, & the Outdoors or Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management.

SPH-Y 397 (3cr) – P: SPH-Y 277; Admission to the Recreational Therapy major; Open only to seniors.

SPH-F 430 (3cr) – Prerequisite or corequisite: 18 credits of SPH-F courses and Junior/Senior class standing. Open only to Human Development and Family Studies and Youth Development majors.

SPH-K 199 (2cr) & SPH-K 301 (1cr) – Open to any major. K199 recommended for first and second year students. K301 ideal for junior/senior students.

Engage in a minimum of two 30-minute individual sessions with a School of Public Health career coach and document follow-up career action items.

Participate in four professional development seminars including one seminar with a focus on diversity and inclusion and submit reflections for each.

Prepare for and attend an IU-sponsored career fair networking with guests to explore career opportunities and submit reflection summarizing interactions.

Career Kickstart for Public Health events

Seminars cover a number of career and professional development topics to build workplace readiness. Presented in-person and virtually, you’ll learn best-practices and strategies to enhance application materials, develop your network, ace interviews, and navigate professional interactions.

How do I get started?

Students enroll in the Career Kickstart program and will be added to a Canvas site.


Questions about the program can be directed to Kim Ecenbarger at


Service Hours

Monday Virtual/In-person Appointments
Tuesday Career Lab 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
Wednesday Career Lab 10 a.m.-12 p.m./Virtual/In-person Appointments
Thursday Virtual/In-person Appointments
Friday Virtual/In-person Appointments