Find Your Elevator Pitch!

How best can you craft your personal introduction during an interview or when networking in a professional setting? Under most circumstances, you have from thirty seconds to one minute to share your expertise and credentials in the best way to make you stand out. Is that nerve-wracking? It can be! To help students familiarize with their elevator pitch, we are having a workshop on the Ups and Downs of Your Elevator Pitch from 2 to 3.30pm in PH C013 on Wednesday, October 25, 2017. It is a drop in event – students may stop by anytime during the event without the fear of being late or having missed anything.

Until we see you at the event, we invite you to read samples of the Elevator Pitch of our inspiring bloggers at the Office of Career Services.

Trishnee Bhurosy

My name is Trishnee Bhurosy and I am a doctoral candidate in Health Behavior with a minor in Nutritional Epidemiology. My passion lies at the intersection of Nutritional and Behavioral Sciences. As a behavioral scientist, my goal is to make substantial contributions to theory-driven public health practice, particularly through the design and evaluation of interventions which target eating behaviors among populations at risk to obesity. I see myself as a leader and I strongly believe that service is engrained in my moral fiber. Through community engagement, teaching, research and creative activities, I aspire to promote the health of individuals and communities on a global platform.




Megan Lisch


My name is Megan Lisch, and I am a junior studying Community Health with a minor in Spanish. I am an effective communicator, and my goal is to be an advocate for positive change through a career in policy and administration. I am inspired by those that work to combat public health issues in our community.




Shaylyn Harmon


My name is Shaylyn Harmon and I completing my degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management at Indiana University. I am accomplished at managing and training volunteers, due to my work experience at the Indiana University Auditorium. I am pursuing a career in theme parks and guest services. I held an internship at Walt Disney World and discovered that I am really passionate about the theme park industry and would love to continue working in that atmosphere.



Yan Qi


I am Yan Qi, a junior with a sport marketing and management major at Indiana University. I would really describe myself as a passionate individual with integrity and skills on event planning, corporate sponsorship sales, outreach communication, and marketing. Right now, I am looking for opportunities to apply all my skills and experience because I’ve been enjoying the communication process very much.




My name is Nik Roseau and I am currently a sophomore at Indiana University-Bloomington studying Human Development & Family Studies with a minor in Counseling. I am very analytical, diligent, and persuasive as well as compassionate and dedicated. I wish to continue my education by going to law school after graduating in the hopes of studying family law. My ultimate goal is to combine my skills in social work and those I will acquire in the law field to make a change in the lives of those who are unable to do so themselves.


Mackenzie Jones


Hello, my name is Mackenzie Jones. IU is my home while I complete my Master of Public Health degree. I am passionate toward and disciplined in my work and often think outside of the box to create and participate in unique experiences. As far as my career, I am open to a variety of opportunities that lead me in the right direction. My long term vision is to shift the clinical health professional’s medical perspective of disability from disease to identity through an emphasis on cultural awareness and health education. I believe even in healthcare delivery, inclusivity and understanding can change a populations’ health and improve their quality of life.​



Tapati Dutta

Currently I am a PhD candidate at Indiana University School of Public Health (IUSPH). Prior to IUSPH, I have two Masters, in Social Work and in Population Studies, from Indian Universities. As a social scientist in community health, I bring on board both, my service learning experience as well as my academic acumen. I specialize using community based participatory research methods, conduct of health policy analysis, impact assessments of programs of scale using qualitative and quantitative research methods, building multi-layered strategic partnerships for evidence informed policy advocacy, and enhancing bilateral knowledge transfer through meaningful involvement of communities and policy level stakeholders. My programmatic experience is of 15 years, working with Indian and African non-profit organizations, particularly on issues of HIV and cervical cancer prevention in promoting sexual and reproductive health rights among vulnerable sub-populations of women and girls. I look forward contributing to the field of Implementation Science focusing on socio-behavioral determinants of health, community psychology, health policy research and similar topics, either in the developmental sector or in academia. My passion and focus to become a community health researcher and practitioner began young, as I faced tremendous prejudice growing up as a single girl child in India, especially after my father became blind, subsequently lost his employment and passed away when I was in my teens. Such life experiences, added to my exposure of working with global, national and local level stakeholders has boosted my critical thinking and enthusiasm as an effective change agent in community health.



Matthew Howard


My name is Matthew Howard; I’m a senior pursuing a bachelor of science in kinesiology degree with an exercise science major and psychology minor. After college I plan to go to graduate school to be a physical therapist. I want to be a physical therapist because my passion is to help others, and I have always had a keen interest in the public health field, so physical therapy was the perfect fit. My past experiences as an Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts has allowed to develop my teamwork skills, so I’m excited to work with the rest of the blog and social media team.




Alyssa Steinman


My name is Alyssa Steinman. I’m currently studying Community Health, with minors in Global Health Promotion and Human Development and Family Studies. I have a knack for being flexible and adaptable in various situations, and I am interested in working for a non-profit organization that improves health on a global scale because I believe that everyone should have equal access to health care and relief services.



Neil Patel


My name is Neil Patel and I am currently a Senior at Indiana University studying Sport Marketing and Management with minors in Business, Marketing, and Finance.  I have great communication skills as blog co-editor for the Office of Career Services, as I guide students towards career related events that are occurring on campus through a written medium.  I am looking towards a job within the sport industry and I believe my experiences on campus and internship with the Western and Southern Open have shaped me.  My abilities give me the confidence that I will be successful in the sport industry and I have the skills to work in any environment.




Georgina Nicholos


My name is Gina Nicholos and I am graduating in the Spring with B.S. in Applied Health Science. I am going on to law school after graduation. My key strengths are being creative, kind-hearted and extremely open-minded. Getting my law degree in Family Law and Social Work will help me in achieving my goal of becoming a licensed Family Law Attorney. My motivation is children and women in need of justice who are incapable of helping themselves or improving their daily situations.




Derek Herrmann

Hello, my name is Derek Herrmann and I am a second-year Master of Public Health student with a concentration in physical activity.  I recently transitioned my career towards public health after working in the hospitality industry for over 10 years in areas including banquets and catering, private clubs, and management.  I shifted my focus from serving others in a leisure environment to helping our population, as a whole, live their best lives.  My research interests include the built environment, active design, parks and recreation, and the role of arts and culture in public health.  Planning and attention-to-detail are my key strengths, which I hope to take into my future career of helping people be more physically active.  I chose public health, and physical activity specifically, after I sustained multiple ankle injuries and vowed to myself to never take my mobility for granted.  




A Marsian… oops a Mauritian working on her Ph.D. in Bloomington!

By Trishnee Bhurosy
Trishnee Bhurosy Student Ambassador - Blog Editor Trishnee Bhurosy