Achieve Ability

A Professional Mentoring Program Developed By Old National Bank.

Achieve Ability brings together aspiring professionals with disabilities and executive business leaders for an
opportunity to learn and grow from each other’s life experiences. Our goal is to advance employment opportunities
for individuals with disabilities by encouraging confidence and understanding through a mentorship program.

Our professional mentorship program is carefully designed to provide benefits and advantages to both mentors and mentees,
fostering mutual professional and personal development.
Advantages for the mentor:
• Increase awareness about working with and employing individuals with disabilities through interaction
• Build a relationship with an individual with a disability and learn how she/he handles everyday challenges through understanding
• Support an individual’s journey to overcome adversity and achieve professional goals
Advantages for the mentee:
• Develop a professional network that may lead to future employment
• Create an opportunity to learn transferable skills and build confidence
• Learn how to grow professionally and succeed in a business environment

Program Specifics
• Interviews are conducted before acceptance into Achieve Ability.
• A mentor and mentee team is formed based on compatibility and shared interests.
• Achieve Ability is from August-May, a duration of 10 months; however, the relationship often extends beyond this time frame.
• Achieve Ability teams are encouraged to meet monthly, and communicate often.

Want to become a partner and create a program like Achieve Ability within your organization?
Please contact Ben Trockman: or 812-468-7898

By Trudy McConnell
Trudy McConnell Assistant Director, Employer Relations