Seniors – Where are you headed?

Happy student with a graduation cap.Congratulations, Seniors! As you inch closer to graduation, it may feel like time has flown by since you first started your academic program. Thinking back, you probably researched universities and asked questions about the career outcomes of graduates to assist you in selecting the best program for you. The information you used to make that important decision came from earlier graduates who were willing to share their plans after graduation– we call this the First Destination.  

Your first destination may be a job, a graduate school program, a post-graduate internship or fellowship, a volunteer program such as AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, or military service. In addition, some students choose to take time off to explore options or start a business. Regardless of your path, we want to hear from you! 

Sharing your plans through a First Destination Survey helps us to understand your goals, accomplishments, and overall direction. It also helps us to evaluate our academic and co-curricular programs. The School of Public Health tracks first destinations and reports these post-graduation outcomes on an interactive Outcomes dashboard. We rely on graduates such as yourself to make the dashboard as helpful as possible. Information is only provided in summary format and is not individually identifiable.  

You can tell us your plans at  

Perhaps you are still deciding on your next step. We will email you reminders to complete your 12twenty first destination survey after graduation. We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to share! 

If you need additional assistance with your plans following graduation, you can continue to utilize the School of Public Health Office of Career Services for coaching and guidance.  

By Susan Simmons
Susan Simmons Director of Career Services