2023-2024 CASPA cycle opens on April 27

Please see below for important cycle dates and information

Customer Support
We encourage both applicants and advisors to use the CASPA Applicant Help Center before starting an application. If you have any additional questions, you may contact the customer service team directly by phone at 617-612-2080 or by email at caspainfo@caspaonline.org. For assistance with the Universal Advisor Portal, please visit the UAP Help Center or contact the support team at advisors@liaisonedu.com or 857.304.2020.

CASPA Fees & Fee Waivers
The 23-24 CASPA application fee is $184 for the first designation and $61 for each additional designation. 

Each year PAEA provides a limited number of fee waivers to applicants. The fee waiver covers the fee of the first two designations ($245). The applicant is responsible for fees for additional program designations beyond the amount of the first designation ($61 each). Because funds are limited, meeting eligibility criteria does not guarantee that a fee waiver will be granted. Applicants should contact customer service to inquire about availability.

To be considered for a CASPA fee waiver, the 2023-24 CASPA application must be created, complete the fee waiver application, and submit a copy of any required 2022 federal income tax returns. I’ve included an infographic with more information about the fee waiver program. 

Program Deadlines
CASPA offers 10 deadline options for programs to choose from. Each program selects the deadline that best aligns with their individual admissions timelines and class start dates. The 10 deadline options are listed (June 15, July 15, August 1, September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1, January 15, March 1, April 1) and in the PAEA Program Directory.

In addition to an application deadline, there are three deadline requirement options. The programs select the deadline requirement that best aligns with their admissions process.

Submit: The application must be submitted by the posted deadline.
Complete: The application must be submitted and payment, all transcripts, and two of the three evaluations must be received by CASPA by the posted deadline. 
Verified: The application must be complete, and all GPA calculations must be completed by the posted deadline.

PAEA Program Directory
Visit the newly updated PAEA Program Directory to view PA program pages. The directory has a map view or a list view, allowing applicants to view the geographical span of our PA programs across the country. It also includes advanced filtering options such as GRE requirements, veteran support, minimum GPA, etc. We’ve also included for each program such as: 

  • Supplemental Fee Waiver 
  • Program Matriculants by Gender 
  • Program Matriculants by Ethnicity 
  • Required Onsite Interview 
  • Virtual Experience Hours Accepted

CASPA Test Account
Want to see what your applicants see? Starting on April 27th, you can create a test application account by visiting the CASPA Application and selecting ‘Create an Account.’ On the following screen, you can indicate that your account is a test account. You may also want to consider using ‘test’ in your username. You can continue to use this account in future cycles. 

Resources to Share with Your Applicants
2023-2024 CASPA Applicant Guide -We’ve updated the CASPA Applicant Guide for the upcoming cycle! This resource can help guide you and your students through the application process and help you feel as prepared as possible. You can download the guide here.

PA Virtual Fair
– You and your students are invited to chat with faculty and staff from 80+ PA programs across the U.S. for free on 5/10 from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET. This is a great way to chat with admissions representatives, ask CASPA questions, and learn how to prepare for upcoming interviews. Register today

For more information please contact CASPA Customer Service.

By Kim Ecenbarger
Kim Ecenbarger SPH Senior Associate Director