Earn a Professional Development Credential – ENROLL NOW!

School of Public Health Launches Career Kickstart program

The Career Kickstart for Public Health program engages students as active participants in their career planning through a combination of coursework and hands-on learning. During the various components of this formal career development program, students explore career options, engage with fellow peers, and network with professionals. Successful completion results in an eNotation.

What is an eNotation and How Can you benefit from it?

An eNotation is an electronic credential awarded by Indiana University to recognize successful completion of an approved set of curricular and co-curricular experiences that demonstrate a student’s commitment to academic and professional success. Once awarded, a student can utilize the Career Kickstart eNotation on job applications and professional networking sites to demonstrate their career readiness.

Program Components

Who can pursue this professional development credential?

While the program requires completion of coursework and career development activities through the School of Public Health, it is open to all undergraduate students on campus.

How do students get started?

Students enroll in the Career Kickstart program and will be added to a Canvas site. Questions about the program can be directed to Kim Ecenbarger at kecenbar@indiana.edu. Consider enrolling in K199 Careers in Helping Professions to get started with career
development in the first year

By Kim Ecenbarger
Kim Ecenbarger SPH Senior Associate Director