Interviews & Offers

The resources below help prepare you for success during the interview process. Access handouts and interview practice tools to make a lasting impression.


Request an Interview Room

We have two rooms that can be reserved for virtual interviews. This includes Skype, Zoom, InterviewStream, Google Hangouts, phone calls, …


This handout covers how to research the employer, prepare for interview questions, project a good first impression, and follow-up after …

Interviewing from a Distance

This handout provides strategies when interviewing by telephone or video.


Interview Stream is an available resource for SPH students to practice answering interview questions. Self-critique or send your video to …

InterviewStream (GUIDE)

This guide provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your InterviewStream account and access resources.

Job Offers and Negotiations

This handout outlines when, what, and how to negotiate job offers.

Job Offer Terminology

This handout defines key terms and vocabulary commonly used and helps you understand aspects of the job offer.

IUB Women Rising

The workforce gender equity gap is multifaceted and real. The equity gap adds up to serious opportunity and economic losses …

Professional Attire

A detailed overview of appropriate attire for interviews and work.